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Community is Key!
Author:Marie Lyles


New Spirit Naturals is all about people. And, your business should be all about building relationships. If you want people to know about your amazing profession, be active in your community! There are so many ways to expand and promote your business in your local community for little to no cost. These opportunities will lead to great exposure and help your build stronger relationships with your customers (both existing and potential).

The key thing is building a relationship with others and sharing your brand. It’s not always about selling a product. It’s also about service and relationships.

Here’s a short list of places to consider helping you get out there and introduce people to your growing business.
-Local health expos and community fairs
-Professional networking groups like your local Chamber of Commerce, Toast Masters and service clubs.
- Checking the local newspaper for small community events that are open to the public.
-Church events

Just a little tip … When I attend events like this with our Members, it is vital to remember that it’s not just about the attendees coming to the booth, it’s also about the other vendors. Often you find, they are your first customers! Be energetic and give out catalogs and information too! They will either become your customer or lead you to the next customer or event.

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