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From the Desk of Jason Milam
Author:Jason Milam, General Manager



Hello and welcome to my first blog!

First let me introduce myself. My Name is Jason Milam and I am the General Manager at New Spirit Naturals! Being the child of the founders of New Spirit Naturals I have grown up and served as a human guinie? Pig for the development and testing of products since the age of 12. I worked my way up through the company from filling bottles and cosmetics, to compounding formulations, from warehouse management to purchasing manager, to my current position of general manager and new product development.

This being my first blog, I believe it is best to lay out my intentions up front. There are a number of different goals I hope to accomplish with this blog. First I want to give you a place to go for practical information on New Spirit Naturals product and the premium ingredient contained inside. Also I would like to provide practical recipes and ways you can use products and foods to keep yourself functioning at a optimal level. I would like to couple this information with suggestions and practical advice so you can make informed decisions about your health.

In addition I hope to post pictures and words of encouragement for you to spur your own personal growth and development to improve and thrive in all aspects of your life!

Finally I would like to have some fun an maybe make you smile while you go out and enjoy all that life has to offer!

I look forward to the journey and hope grow from your thoughts, comments and contributions.


Thank you!


Happy to see we now have a blog and really excited to see comments, ideas and general sharing our journey with New Spirit. Good Luck Jason!
- Rebecca Knocke

I'm looking forward to this, Jason. I am especially excited to learn more about the products and ingredients. They have played an instrumental part in my healing process with Lyme's disease. Thank you!
- Lila Reyna

Thank you. I am looking forward to providing you with some great information. I appreciate the support.
- Jason Milam

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