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It’s not about perfection, it’s about effort!
Author:Marie Lyles


The experience we have helping others in this industry is so incredible because of the opportunity we have to help others be healthier and have financial freedom. Most of the time our success comes from our belief system. If someone would say,” I don’t know how or where to start,” I would ask “What do you like about New Spirit Naturals and how have the products helped you?” Your story is what defines your business. How can you become successful? Make an effort to learn the skills of becoming an entrepreneur, by being involved and attending the Success Academy. You will be provided with necessary resources that will help you build your business and accomplish your goals.

Many times we sit back, think where we are, and think what we can do differently. If you put in just a little time and effort towards a goal it will bring you closer to what you want. It starts with making a plan!
1. Make a plan
2. Do your plan
3. Review your results good or bad – learn how you can do it better next time
4. Make a better plan
5. Do that better plan
6. Review those results – good or bad – see how you can do it better for next time
Never stop applying plan and do review. You’ll eventually become an expert at trial and error.

Stay focused and motivated!
Have no limits
Follow through
Take action
Build a partnership
Make an impact

The way we think can stop us from achieving our goals. Change your mindset and focus on the positive. Be grateful we have the opportunity to help others be healthier and give them the opportunity to become more successful in life. Always remember your mission statement and purpose!

I can’t wait to see you for the next Success Academy. It’s going to be amazing!


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