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Author:Jason Milam


Hello. It’s a great day at New Spirit!

Well, April is upon us and everywhere except California (darn that drought) you are likely right in the midst of wonderfully nourishing spring showers. While the plants outside are springing to life with abundant days of rain, you might find yourself indoors with low exposure to the sun during this season of the year. Other factors, such a long work hours, desk based jobs and sunscreens may be inadvertently depriving you from one of the most essential vitamins needed for our diet: Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is like all vitamins in that it is essential to optimal health. However, it breaks the rules of most vitamins because it is not mainly obtained by your diet alone, but instead made by your body. In optimal circumstances, Vitamin D is produced in the skin using natural sunlight as the catalyst. As we are exposed to the sun and absorb ultraviolet B (UVB) our bodies use its energy to convert it to the precursor to Vitamin D3.

As you may know Vitamin D is becoming increasing popular because of the numerous benefits it provides our bodies. Once thought of as a vitamin to assist in healthy bones, it was regulated to fortify milk to provide maximum structural benefits. However, in the past decade, increasing research has suggested that it is not only good for your bones, but is necessary in disease prevention, weight management, immune function, heart health and so much more.

Now you might think that you are getting enough, but actually it is unlikely since a recent study has shown that a whopping 75% of adults in the United States have low Vitamin D levels. [1] Compounding this is the fact that deficiencies in Vitamin D has been contributed to many of today common ailments such as pain, mood fluctuations, fragile bones, cognitive problems and weak immune systems.[2,3,4] So the way I see it, Vitamin D is your MUST HAVE in every complete wellness plan.

So how do we obtain enough Vitamin D to keep us functioning optimally? First, you could get it the old fashion way by spending hours outside in the sun. However the problem here is that the same rays giving you Vitamin D can also contribute to other serious conditions that include skin cancer. Second, you could obtain it from you diet but it is very hard to get the necessary amounts from food alone. Food such as fish and shellfish provide natural Vitamin D, but you have to eat roughly 5 ounces of salmon, 30 ounces of cod, or two 8-ounce cans of tuna just to get 400IU. Eggs are an option but only provide 20IU’s of Vitamin D and also contain large amount of cholesterol! I believe that the best choice by taking it in supplement form either sublingually or in softgel form. Both can provide high amounts to increase your Vitamin D levels without some of the other underlining conditions stated above. For instance, in New Spirit Naturals Vita-D3 Vitamin Sprayjust one spray under the tongue provides 1000IU’s. If your doctor has recommended higher doses you can get softgels containing 1000IU’s or 5000IU’s per softgel with Vita-D and Vitamin D3-5000.

I hope that you have found this information to be beneficial. Have a wonderful start to your spring!

Live Happy and Healthy!

Jason Milam

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