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Author:Victoria Dauer


I’d like to share with you a great story of success from Cecilia (CeCe) Alvarado. She recently wrote this message and passed it on to her family, friends and colleagues about her experience with New Spirit Naturals. This is a great way to introduce others to your business! Share your personal story and encourage them to join your team. Thanks CeCe for this great testimonial.

Dr. Larry Milam and I

Let me begin by telling you a bit of who Dr. Larry Milam is, I think it will help you understand my story better. Dr. Larry Milam is the founder, CEO and formulator of New Spirit Natural Products in the city of San Dimas.

I believe that some people come into our life for a season, reason or a life time. This is what I have noticed and experienced so far in my life. So, let me share with you about this amazing gentleman that came into my life Dr. Larry Milam, he definitely came into my life for a reason and hopefully for a life time. I met Dr. Milam in Las Vegas at one of the New Spirit Natural Convention about 7 years ago. I was attending a nutrition class with the University of Natural Medicine of New Mexico and since Dr. Milam is the president of the University we were allowed to also join the convention. And what a treat that was. It was a weekend of great health information. I was impressed to see how much New Spirit focuses on education (I love to learn).

I began using the products and I began to create my own testimonies, began giving them to my family, and they had great results, began sharing them with my clients and they had great results. So, you can see the product quality speaks for themselves.

Next, I began attending the classes they have at New Spirit every Tuesday night. Sometimes we got very lucky and got Dr. Milam as the teacher. It was really very special. I also noticed that every time I showed up at New Spirit Naturals I was welcomed with such love and care.

One day I had a great opportunity to take a drive with Dr. Milam, he was so kind to come with me to San Diego to meet my beautiful friend Sheri Sharman. I wanted these 2 amazing people to meet, they are both great human beings. They are both bright souls with amazing hearts. You know when you love and admire someone, you want everyone to meet them. That is how I felt about Dr. Milam and I still feel like that.

On our ride to San Diego, Dr. Milam said to me "Cece if you had NO LIMITs of anything, space, time, money, distance, illnesses, finances, energy, NO LIMITS what would you love to create". I looked at Dr. Milam and said "Did you say NO LIMITS? I held my head and said, "wait, my brain hurts", he asked why? I replied "Cause you are stretching my brain", no one had ever asked me such deep question. This was a very pivotal moment in my life. From that day on, that invitation to think WITHOUT LIMITS has really been a driving force to keep me focused. When I begin to think of why I cannot succeed, I remind myself that the limits are those that I set for myself. I am reminded of what the good Lord, says "You have not, because you ask not, Ask and you shall receive".

Dr. Milam is a very unique and one of kind human being. He wholeheartedly shares his health knowledge with so many of us through his products, classes and conventions. He has also created a great financial opportunity with New Spirit Naturals. It is a direct sales company like NO OTHER. His mission statement is to change the health of the world ONE PERSON AT A TIME. And he lives by that popular quote from Hippocrates "Let food be thy Medicine and let thy medicine be thy food"

New Spirit is 35 years old, their corporate office is in San Dimas, CA. And ONLY very few people know about New Spirit products in America. Believe me when I tell you, you have not tried good quality products till you try these. They will impress you too, I am certain about that. For more information on the products you can go on or you can call them (like I do) at 909 592-4445, and ask for Marie or Victoria.

You can also go on our website, go on our Letting go blog and read the story "My Mom and I" and read how my Moms health has improved with New Spirit products and eating according to our blood type.

Since I am very aware that there are no limits, and I am directed to ask and then to receive.

So, I am asking. I am looking for 6 individuals to create a very successful team in 2016, together we will learn from Dr. Larry Milam and his amazing team. These are the qualities I am looking for:

Passionate about health (theirs and others)
Loves to learn and is willing to learn
Walks their talk, not just talks the talk
Self starters/leader
Willingness & desire to grow
Not afraid of being different

New Spirit has a great teaching tool called "Success Academy" these classes will equip us to create success for ourselves and our clients. The next class will be on 5/20/16 and 5/21/16. So if you are that person we are looking for, please contact us at 951 684-3938 ask for "CeCe". Please search your heart before you call us. This team is going to be special and unique. Can’t wait to meet you and begin changing the health of the world ONE PERSON AT A TIME.


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