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Author:Your New Spirit Team


Welcome to the New Spirit Blog! In this forum, we will share with you the latest news on Health, Wellness and all of the exciting things New Spirit has to offer! We invite and encourage you to submit your comments, ask questions and connect with other members to help enhance your health.

Since 1982, the New Spirit Naturals team of clinical nutritionists, chemists and research scientists has passionately pursued the creation of natural products and educational resources to help millions of people in over 20 countries to find their personal path to Health and Wellness.

New Spirit Naturals proprietary products have been at the forefront of the Nutritional Industry for more than 30 years. Our success is ensured by offering biologically active and tested ingredients that are monitored for quality and activity in each stage of the manufacturing process. Each ingredient must pass strict quality, sourcing, activity level, extracting and processing specifications before being accepted for use in New Spirit’s formulations and products. Less than five percent of ingredients presented will ever find their way into our products. Always at the forefront of our work is that each ingredient must have the potential to support the body’s innate ability to renew, rejuvenate and heal itself …inside and out.

ALL New Spirit Naturals products are produced with care in our modern FDA-GMP registered manufacturing facility in California. Our team of experienced professionals, with over 100 years of combined experience are committed to quality - ensuring that all products meet or exceed our specifications and perform for their intended purpose. Each product is backed with educational materials, literature and training to help our clients make informed decisions.

Since our beginning, New Spirit Naturals was founded on the belief that simple diet and lifestyle choices along with the right nutritional supplements can assist the body and help protect us from endogenous and environmental toxins, boost cellular energy and slow or even reduce the “aging process”. Such benefits can result in better health and vitality rather than disease and degenerative aging.

We look forward to sharing our products and services with you in this new medium!


Yay new Blog!

I am so excited that this is new
- Victoria Dauer

New Spirit is the Best!
- Summer (employee) Rodriguez

Twenty-five years of using these products, has led us to very good health and vitality. Products and opportunities to set yourself on a wonderful path of discovery, increase energy; and a awareness of what treasures a healthy lifestyle can provide you for the future. Nadene and Dan Mc Govern
- Dan McGovern

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