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Nutrition with Intention™
Author:Dr. Larry Milam


Welcome to my blog! I am so pleased that New Spirit Naturals has added this great medium of outreach to all of our members and a resource for building their knowledge of wellness. I look forward to sharing with you the latest information on our products and giving your helpful tips on how to incorporate New Spirit into your everyday life.

At our recent 2016 Wellness Weekend, New Spirit Naturals introduced Souper Slim™. Souper Slim™ is a delicious tasting, all natural, low sodium, tomato based soup mix formulated to provide nutritional support while reducing calorie intake. Souper Slim™ is best used as a meal replacement (one or two meals per day) along with a healthy diet. Containing approximately 70 calories per serving, this is the perfect base for many different types of soup recipes!

The delicious taste of Souper Slim™ is enhanced by the tomato/vegetable blends (parsley, onion, garlic and beets) and by an all-natural, nutritional yeast extract which enhances and helps balance the overall flavor. It is low in sodium and has 6.5 grams of Pea Protein too!
We encourage you to create your own soup recipes and share them with us! Here is one to get you started on enjoying this great, new product!

Hearty Vegetable Soup
Especially recommended for those who are 15-20lbs. overweight and who are used to consuming large meals.
• Combine one serving of Souper Slim™ with 10-12 oz. of hot water.
• Stir vigorously until fully dissolved
• Add chopped and lightly steamed vegetables. (This will help increase the chewing response which will help with inducing satiety) Recommended vegetables include broccoli, kale, spinach, zucchini and carrots*. Avoid potatoes, corn and rice.

*Note: Carrot’s glycemic index varies according to preparations. Generally, carrots have a glycemic index of 47 (+ or – 16). Cooked carrots have a GI of 39. Canned carrots are likely to have a higher glycemic index. A small amount of freshly steamed carrots is ok to add to your soup recipe if desired.


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