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Taking the First Step
Author:Jason Milam


It is that time of year again! The time of year that you have likely given in to your inner voice telling you to quit. The time of year where you have decided that it is easier to just do nothing than to do something. The time of year when you become a part of the 88% of people in the world that have given up on their New Year’s resolutions to finally make the needed adjustments to improve their lives. Yes it's that time again!

And I know that at this time you may not be feeling good about yourself because you have fallen back into your old familiar habits and you’re grasping at anything that will justify why you didn't succeed. I know exactly how you feel because I used to be a frequent visitor of this terrible feeling. I spent way too much time in that same spot, convincing myself that I was too busy, that I couldn't talk to people and that I just didn't have what it takes to make life changing decisions that would have dramatic effects on the outcome of my current situations. Whatever my excuses, no matter how I sliced it, they were just excuses! I know this to be true because as I looked around other were doing it. They were getting up and making it happen. I was no less capable, or less intelligent, so why wasn't I?

Suddenly I started to look closer. I spent a little longer everyday looking at myself in the mirror. I started to take notice my daily behaviors, my actions (or lack thereof), my words and my thoughts. I spun this information around in my head and came to a conclusion: My actions weren't in line with my dreams and what I wanted to achieve. Wow…what a moment of clarity. Now I could have taken this newly discovered information and threw out my typical excuse of "That is just the person I am". That would have been the easy way and given me the excuse I needed to stop right there like I had in the past. But instead something else happened.

Instead of doing what I had always done, I decided to do something else. What I had always done hadn't been working so I figured why not. What could it hurt? So right then I decided to take a small step toward what I wanted to achieve. Don't get me wrong, it was a scary step, but an important one, because it was progress. I had now started something and I was a little afraid. Would it last?
Well the next day after this important step, I made myself take another. Now I was compounding it and it felt so good that something was getting accomplished, so I repeated it again, and again, again every day.
Suddenly I looked around and began to see things were changing. The dreams didn't look so far away and we're getting closer every day. I now had momentum and with it I was building a foundation to achieve all that I had been just "wishing" would happen before. And all it took was a single step to get started and the will to do it again.

I'm telling you this story because at this time of year when the New Year’s resolutions have long since passed, or the diet or exercise program you started has now come to a screeching halt, remember to stop, regroup, rethink, and realign your thoughts with your actions, and then take that important step forward. And when you do, congratulate yourself for getting started, then take another step. If you continue those steps, at this time next year you will be a different person and 365 steps closer to where you want to be.

I appreciate you listening and would love to help you achieve your dreams. If your goal is to change your health, master this business, or assist other in achieving we would love to show you how. Please join us on June 4th for our Open House! There we will take a step forward together!

Call the office for more details.

Live happy and healthy!
Jason Milam


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