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The Power of Green Magic
Author:Dr. Larry Milam


Of all the products that New Spirit Naturals has to offer, one of my favorites is definitely Green Magic™. It has been part of our Members nutritional foundation since 1993! I’d like to share with you 2 reasons why Green Magic™ is the very best – for everyone! Using only the finest ingredients available, Green Magic™ combines 17 nutrient dense foods to provide you with a full complex of enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants! Spirulina and Chlorella are just two of these beneficial ingredients.

- Contains 100% of the daily essential amino acids in just four heaping tablespoons!
- Contains Vitamin B12 and B Complex Vitamins
- Spirulina is the richest source of B12
- Spirulina is rich in natural iron which is essential for anemia prevention and formation of
new red blood cells.

- A dark green micro algae that boasts many of the same qualities as Spirulina.
- Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any other plant.
- Contains many vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes and a substance
known as CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor).

People who use Green Magic™ daily have shared personal healthy success stories with us about renewed vitality, increased immunity to infectious illness, and recovery from chronic disease. Testimonials from our customers over the last 23 years share amazing stories of lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, control of hypoglycemia and diabetes, easing of arthritis, better digestion and elimination, reduced stress, and, finally receiving what they need to be “nutritionally satisfied” from Green Magic™. If you haven’t tried Green Magic™ I encourage you to do so! It’s time to put a little magic in our health routine!


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