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Weight Management: 3 Ways for lasting success
Author:Jason Milam


It seems like a new diet comes along almost daily. Whether it be the “low-carb” diet or the “eat only cookies” diet (I tried this one, it doesn’t work), it is hard to keep track and most will never work. While you might lose some temporary weight, it will not be long before you go back to your old habits and the weight returns. The reason for this is because most diets require you to “take away” certain foods and in turn you feel as though you are depriving yourself of things you enjoy. When you don’t enjoy the journey it is likely you will never reach your destination.

The key for long term success (and by long term I mean taking the weight off and keeping it off) is a person needs to change the way they feel about the entire weight loss process. Here are a three pointers to help you achieve long term success.

1. Cut back on the Sugar
We all know that we should not consume too much sugar so when people are “dieting” they decide to skip desert. However skipping dessert is only a fraction of the issue. Most foods you consume throughout the day have added sugars and contribute so your high sugar intake.
When you consume sugar or carbs your body immediately stimulates the secretion of insulin. When you have a large amount of insulin, your body is not able to process it and in turn turns the insulin into fat to use for energy at a later time. Unfortunately that time doesn’t come for many so overall weight start to increase.
If you do not consume sugar and foods that cause insulin spikes your existing fat stores will be utilized and burned by the body for energy. WhaaaLaaa… increased weight loss!

2. Make you exercise realistic
Now I know this is always the problem. We just don’t want to exercise. Exercise is tiring, exercise is boring, exercise is…… Well that maybe true for some, but that is because you are looking at exercise in the traditional sense. Instead of dreading your next exercise, turn it into something you love. Exercise does not have to be about 100 pushups or P90X routines. For the majority of people these are unrealistic. Exercise comes in many forms and can include things such as a long walk along the beach, exploring your favorite wilderness trail, walking the dog, playing with your children or gardening around the house. The key here is it has to be something you will enjoy and look forward to doing.

3. Finally, change the word “Diet” from something you are going to do into a lifestyle you are going to live!
How many times have you heard “I’m going to start my diet next week” or “ I can’t eat that because I’m on this ___________ diet”. Those are common everyday phrases that most repeat over and over. There are repeated because they never succeed. Instead you need to realize that Diet refers everything you eat and the foods and drinks you consume as a whole. There is no quick fix if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

The best plan for lasting success is to find healthy foods that you want to consume and eat those to your hearts content. I LOVE almonds and keep a bag around me at all times. When I feel the urge to snack, instead of reaching for a bag of chips as many do, I reach for my bag of almonds which satisfied my hunger needs. Instead of consuming saturated fats, sugars, high sodium, etc.…from the bag of chips, I provide my body with balanced nutrition consisting of healthy fats and protein and don’t feel bad when I consume too many.

As always, New Spirit Naturals is here to assist you making the change to a healthy diet lifestyle. If you have any questions feel free to call the office or attend our weekly Healthy Hour Meeting.

Thank you for listening.

Live happy and healthy!

Jason Milam


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