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What is New Spirit Naturals?
Author:Dr. Larry Milam


At our recent Success Academy, I share with our attendees some of the core values and beliefs of New Spirit Naturals. For those who always ask “What is New Spirit Naturals”, I share this with you.
• We are a living, breathing network of like minded people who have decided to take the responsibility for our health in our own hands.
• We know and accept complete health and wellness can be achieved only by a combination of good nutritional, dietary and lifestyle habits.
• We accept this choice knowing that it requires us to use all the tools and knowledge available to us.
• We value the latest research as well as the knowledge of the past.
• We support and appreciate medical advances but we know ultimate healing must take place within us.
• We learn by sharing and talking with others. We are always open to different points of view.
• We keep the past alive and mix and blend it with today, tomorrow and the future, if we be so fortunate.
• We give thanks daily for our health and are concerned for the health of each other, our personal families and our New Spirit worldwide family.

If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to check our our website and social media pages. We are always looking for people to be a part of our mission... "To Change the Health of the World, One Person at a Time"


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