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Where are my customers?
Author:Marie Lyles


One question that I am often asked is “Where do I find customers?”. The truth is your customers are everywhere you are! In fact, your best customers are closer to you than you think. It is very easy to get stuck in the mindset that you have to create a large marketing campaign, mail out flyers, send emails to people you don’t know or cold call to gain customers. I always like to remind people to start with those who are closest to you and already know about your passion for health. Have you shared your New Spirit Naturals experience with your extended family? Don’t keep all the secrets of feeling healthy to yourself – share it with those you care about!

You may be surprised to know that they are already interested in health but don’t know where to begin. You can be a great resource for them in their health goals. By simply offering them a catalog or even an invitation to attend a New Spirit Naturals event, you are encouraging them to take control of their health. But who else can benefit from you? Members of your church, parents on your child’s sports team, teachers, neighbors even people at the supermarket can become your customers much easier than someone who doesn’t know you. Take the time to share with them about one of your favorite products. Everyone looks to those around them for product and service referrals – are you giving one on health?

For our member in southern California, I encourage you to invite someone to join you at our upcoming open house event on Saturday, June 4th. This is a great opportunity for people to learn more about New Spirit Naturals, tour our facility, and enjoy a great seminar on health! Call the office at (800) 922-2766 to reserve 2 spots for this event…you’ll be glad you did!


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