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GPA September 2014 Update

On September 20th, 2014 the New Spirit Naturals Management travel with our GPA (global alliance partners) to Moscow, Russia to celebrate our friends and partners from VitaMax in their 20th year anniversary. The event was held on the premises of the Olympic athletes training resort just outside the city.

The team from New Spirit Naturals included Dr. Larry Milam, General Director Jason Milam, International Business Development Director Alan Boger, as well as partner George Hung and GPA partner Ondre Seltzer.

The anniversary celebration was held over 3 days. The first day was a social evening where everyone had the opportunity to meet and make friends with a large family of like-minded Vitamax enthusiasts who came from different countries including the little corners of the former USSR. On the second day a competition was planned where VitaMax distributors and the New Spirit Naturals team worked together in cooperation to complete e series of "get fit" challenges.

Later that evening a beautiful banquet was held at which 20th anniversary commemorative certificates from our New spirit naturals, the University of Natural Medicine and other GPA partner companies were presented. The evening concluded with dancing and a toast to the longevity and continued success of our beloved Vitamax partners.

New Spirit Global

Throughout the past 30 years, many changes have occurred as New Spirit Naturals continues to pursue its mission “To Change the Health of the World – One Person at a Time”.

During the first 10 years of business, New Spirit Naturals concentrated its mission within the United States. As New Spirit began to grow, our products and services gained attention from the International community. Very quickly New Spirit spread to the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. To better serve our International customers, New Spirit opened an office near London to be a coordination center for European Operations.

In 1994, an agreement was signed with Vitamax to coordinate distribution of our products in the former Soviet Union countries. An incredible success story has followed with tens of thousands of loyal Distributors for the past 17 years! In 2004 New Spirit began its expansion into the Asian market beginning in Vietnam then stretching to Thailand.

In 2008, New Spirit Naturals took another bold step in its International business and established a GMP factory in the south of China. It is here that New Spirit produces an array of food products and supplements specifically designed for the China market.

In 2011, Dr. Larry Milam, the Founder and President of New Spirit Naturals announced the need to expand our global vision. With this decision, he introduced the New Spirit Naturals Global. New Spirit Global was charged with developing products and tools for training, product education, marketing and communications that could benefit all the countries offering the New Spirit brand.

Global Partners Alliance

In August, 2011, New Spirit Naturals joined the Global Partners (GPA). The GPA was formed between Vitamax, New Spirit Naturals and the University of Natural Medicine.

The official signing of the GPA was held in August 2011 in Kiev and Moscow. Signing for the GPA was Mikhail Raskin and Victor Troshenko representing Vitamax and Dr. Larry J. Milam representing New Spirit Naturals and the University of Natural Medicine.

The GPA welcomes other associated and/or affiliated organizations to join as a part of the alliance who are interested in promoting longevity and wellness through diet, lifestyle and natural products.

The China partners of New Spirit Naturals, Guangxi Yili Health & Biotech Co., Ltd., has recently joined the GPA as well as New Spirit Naturals, UK.

Other interested parties who wish to join are invited to contact Vitamax at or New Spirit Naturals at for more information.