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New Spirit Naturals Story

The New Spirit Naturals Story In 1981, California was leading the nation in the demand for health and wellness products. New Spirit Naturals, recognizing the changing paradigms of health, opened its doors in Azusa, California. From the very beginning, Founder and CEO, Dr. Larry Milam, was interested in marketing products that made a difference. In 1981, these products included naturally stabilized Aloe Vera juices and cosmetics that offered skin-loving ingredients in an age-defying formula that was free of mineral oil, fragrance and artificial coloring. While initially New Spirit’s list of health care products was extremely limited, Dr. Milam, along with his wife Dr. Debbie Milam, immediately began teaching the growing Distributor network about health and how it was related to diet, exercise, clean air, water and attitude.

Within months, New Spirit grew out of the Azusa offices and moved into an all-new corporate office and warehouse space in the nearby city of San Dimas. These beautiful facilities were not able to accommodate New Spirits’ rapid growth and it soon became necessary to expand to several manufacturing facilities in nearby towns. In 1990, New Spirit Naturals purchased its current Corporate Office and Manufacturing Facility and consolidate its sprawling operation into one convenient, beautiful home in the San Dimas foothills. During these first years, New Spirit consistently increased its network of worldwide Distributors and its list of impressive natural products.

Today New Spirit Naturals markets over 150 nutritional and personal care products in more than 23 countries. New Spirit’s global expansion is due entirely to the commitment and enthusiasm of its Members who continue to spread the news about products with a difference around the world! The opportunity has never been more exciting than it is today! Our flagship products are responsible for changing people’s lives and have become essential in the health regime for generations of New Spirit Naturals Members.

Recognizing the importance of education when it comes to our health, Dr. Milam serves as the President of the University of Natural Medicine and has contributed a nutritional curriculum available to students worldwide. Hundreds of New Spirit Distributors have enrolled in the University of Natural Medicine and have earned a diploma designating them as a Nutritional Advisor. Others have expanded their education and enrolled in diploma courses, committing themselves to completing advanced degrees in this dynamic field of health and wellness. It is this commitment to health that has changed lives and sets New Spirit Naturals on top of the wellness industry!

As New Spirit Naturals celebrates its 34th year in business, we fondly remember the past and those who have helped New Spirit grow into the leader in the Natural Health Care Industry. It is because of the millions of people around the world who share a common goal - optimal health. With all the products and services New Spirit has to offer, you have the ability to change the health of the world and be a successful leader in this TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!

New Spirit Naturals is always looking for successful leaders like you who are dedicated to the mission of delivering “Nutrition with Intention”™. With exciting leadership roles open in all aspects of this dynamic business – we are eagerly awaiting for your membership in the New Spirit team! We need your commitment so that millions more can learn about our mission - To Change the Health of the World…One Person at a Time!