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“The items in the Wellness Pack are essential to my wellness- to my belief that food supplements are the right thing for me and for you. New Spirit?s Wellness Pack is my cover-up to my past, my Blessing for the present and my ticket to wellness for many birthdays to come”.
S.A. - California
“When I began buying from New Spirit, I started with the Wellness Pack. I didn?t immediately notice any change. But suddenly my close friends started asking me, ?What are you doing? Your skin looks clearer?. Then I realized the Wellness Pack was working in dramatic ways that other people could notice”.
G.D. - Arizona
“or the past 4 years I had anemia. I used to feel very tired most of the time and since started taking Vita Balance 2000 I feel a lot better and when I wake up in the morning, I feel very good and with lots of energy! I love my Vita Balance 2000!!”.
L.M. - California
“My granddaughter was working two jobs and has 2 children. She was getting run down and tired all the time. I gave her some Vita Balance 2000. It gave her all the energy she needed to carry on and do all she had to care for her family, job and also to classes at college.”.
S.P. - Wisconsin
“My daughter, April, swears by the Vita Balance 2000. She had tried other vitamins and never got any results. So naturally was very skeptical about trying the Vita Balance. I encouraged her to try them and she got wonderful results. She tells people ? I overheard her ? that no other vitamins have worked as well as these.”.
A.H. - Minnesota
“I am really pleased with the balance of the ingredients giving me more energy!”.
K.W. - Oregon
“The first time I used the product, I was amazed at the quick results. The vitamins have changed my life and all other aspects. I enjoy running in new products and always anxious to use them. I feel healthier, vibrant and great.”.
G.D. - California
“My 92 year old mom is our best advertising agent. She uses Nutri Cleanse and attempts to get everyone she meets to use it also. On a recent trip to her doctor she told him that he would be able to eat the things she eats if he would use Nutri Cleanse. She sent him a can of it the following day. Later during another visit her doctor gave her a prescription to give to me to fill. The prescription only read, Continue the colon cleanser as prescribed.”.
J.P. - Alabama
“Green Magic- Miracle for your health- Meets all your nutrient needs. Key to perfect well-being. Fantastic!”.
H.Y. ? California