Cranberries & PAC's

Cranberries & PAC's

What makes cranberry different from the other range of berry fruits with tannins? The new scientific consensus is that cranberry's activity is due to its unique Proanthocyanidins (PAC's) containing the A-type linkages, not found in PAC's rich foods with more common B-type linkages (chocolate and grapes). Most cranberry products do not contain high levels of Type-A PAC's.

Cranberry juice may contain up to 1.5% proanthocyanidins (PAC's). That's why it takes a lot of juice cocktail to get results - possibly as much as 750 to 1500mls of juice cocktail. 

Now even more exciting news is that our scientists/chemists have been able to concentrate the Type A (PACs) to much higher levels. For example:

  • One of New Spirit Naturals' pure standardized Cranberry Whole fruit powders contains 7.2% Type-A (PACs) (5x stronger).
  • Another of New Spirit Naturals' novel Whole Fruit Standardized Cranberry Extract contains 15% Type-A PAC's (Note: this is up to 10 times stronger than some cranberry cocktails). 

Also, it is recommended that one consume a total of 500mg of cranberry dietary supplement that contains a minimum of 36 PAC's (European Standard). That's why we suggest New Spirit Naturals ProCran+ which contains 525mgs of cranberry powder as well as 40 PAC's (Type A).